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Hello World!

As part of our commitment to developing the skills of early careers engineers, scientists, and developers, the OirthirSAT team wants to share experiences from the LaunchUK Nanosat Design Competition with the community to transfer knowledge and share best practices for student teams looking to design and integrate nanosatellite platforms.

This is the first blog post in a series that will provide updates, sneak peeks, and background information on the OirthirSAT nanosatellite mission and the team members who are realising the project. Topics will vary from descriptions of analyses undertaken in the design process, to the steps we take to produce academic papers on the more novel concepts and career advice for high school and college students potentially considering STEAM subjects in industry and higher education.

The OirthirSAT team will be uploading weekly blog posts on our website so stay tuned for future updates.

Ad astra!

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